The Importance of Styling

Are you getting your home ready for sale?

By Alexandra Nakhoul, SFPG,
1 March 2017

Have you considered the importance of professional styling of your home and the added value it brings?

Having your home staged by a professional property stylist, pre-sale, is an expense almost guaranteed to pay off. What many vendors don’t realise is that, while professional styling requires a significant upfront payment, the monetary value it adds to the property makes it a more than viable investment.

What is important to remember when styling your home is that you are fostering an emotional attachment for prospective buyers by promoting the use of space within your home. This essentially adds character to your property and will nurture the transformation of a barren ‘house’ into a liveable ‘home’.

The importance of making your property look great is synonymous with ticking your buyer’s ‘functionality’ boxes. Making these modifications will appeal to, and therefore attract, more interested buyers and create a more in-demand property.

Styling your home may well and truly be the secret to maximising your home’s sale price by sometimes more than 10’s and 1000’s of dollars!

If you don’t believe styling makes a difference, here are some photos of one of our Ashfield properties recently sold for a record-high within the building, that proves otherwise.

For advice on preparing your property for sale, please contact André at or on mobile 0412 615 985.

Living Before and Living After

Bedroom Before and Bedroom After

Kitchen Before and Kitchen After

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The Importance of Styling