Operating from Sydney CBD, our commercial office offers a full range of sales and consultancy services.

Every commercial property is unique and there are many ways to market and sell. SFPG are experienced in providing tailored individual solutions to create the best outcome in the sale of your property.

SFPG specialise in value-add solutions – It is easy to get a satisfactory result but it takes a lot more when you want to get a great one. Our experienced team puts every commercial property through a value-add analysis. We consider the following for the marketing and sale of each commercial property.

Whole or subdivided

Open plan or fitted out

Leased or vacant

Renewal/extension of leases and providing a rental assessment

Tenancy mix (drawing more business in arcades and shopping centres)

Emerging trends and zoning

Via auction, tender, private sale or “off market”

Our team is also passionate in finding property for our client’s business or investment needs. We offer the following Buyer Advisory services:

Comprehensive due diligence – We crunch the numbers, providing rental assessments and sales appraisals and advise on what the property is worth

Picking the best of the bunch – We listen to our client’s business needs, whether it is for a café or startup or creating risk profiles for investment properties.

Strong negotiators – We enjoy finding a suitable property for our clients. We love it even more when we can get a great deal for it. SFPG are experienced in negotiating with agents and owners and also specialise in “off market” transactions.