Selling your home or investment with Service First

Our mission when it comes to selling your home or investment is to achieve a premium price by providing premium service that greatly exceeds your expectation. Our ultimate goal is to be able to justify a life-long relationship with you.

At SFPG we believe in the following 5 philosophies when it comes to selling.

Realistic sales assessments – We aren’t in the business of inflating our sales appraisals just to get business. We offer realistic target and stretch-target sale prices.

The best days are the first 30 – The best price happens in the first 30 days of your property and our sales campaigns are strongly focused on this time frame.

Enquiry, Negotiation, Competition – Very simply these are the 3 key elements to the successful selling of your home or investment.

Speak the buyer’s language and get to know them – We mean this in the literal sense. Our multilingual office has the ability to speak to the majority of our buyer’s in their native tongue. As a result we get to know our buyers on a deeper level.

Transparent, detailed and constant feedback – We know that selling your home or investment can be a particularly anxious period. Our staff gives honest and non-sugarcoated feedback and enquiry reports to keep you informed throughout the sale campaign.